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DIGITAL mail and PRINTED mail in one awesome Hybrid Postal address. With Track and Trace for normal packages, now you can shop online with confidence!, get SMS alerts for incoming mails and parcels and arrange pick up at any ePost enabled Post Office in Oman!. More
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The ePost Address registration is FREE and does not expire. In addition to receiving digital mail, with an annual subscription, the ePost Box can receive Printed mail as well. Corporate ePost Boxes are bundled with the Printed mail subscription. More
Oman Post
The Sultanate of Oman

Located on the eastern seaboard of the Arabian Peninsula with a 2,092km coastline that stretches from the strategic Straits of Hormuz in the north to Dhofar on the border with Yemen in the south, Oman is a nation with a proud history and a promising future. Through much of the 18th and 19th centuries the country was a maritime power in the region with colonies in East Africa and Gwadar in Pakistan. Never fully occupied by any foreign power, the sultanate is also the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Governed by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said since 1970, Oman has seen a rapid development of infrastructure and facilities over the last four decades. This progress however has been tempered with judicious planning and consequently the country has progressed without compromising its identity and heritage.

The economy is largely oil-based though there has been a steady move away from this dependence and tourism, manufacturing, fisheries and agriculture are steadily growing sectors.

For tourists, there is much to see and do and adventure seekers in particular will find that Oman is a great holiday destination. Boasting some of the best scuba diving in the world, the country also has vast stretches of beautiful deserts, rugged mountain ranges and unspoilt wilderness – the population of just under 4.1 million (including about 1.800,000 expatriates) is concentrated in urban areas mostly along the coastline. Hospitality is very much a part of the culture and visitors will find that they are welcomed everywhere they go, from the smallest of villages to the busiest of city markets.

Set up and supervised by the British Postal Department in the early 1600s, the postal service in Oman has come a long way and is set to go much further still. Oman’s first post office was opened in Muscat in 1856. At that time Indian stamps and later Pakistani stamps were used. In 1948 the British General Post Office took over responsibility and British stamps were then used until the 30th of April 1966 when the government of Oman assumed full responsibility for the administration and control of Oman’s postal service.

Oman’s first postage stamps issued depicted the port of Muscat, the great forts of Oman and the national crest. When His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said came to power the name of the country was changed from Muscat and Oman to the Sultanate of Oman and the first stamps to bear this name were issued in 1970.

In 1970 there was just one post office in Oman at Muscat but with the Renaissance the postal service was expanded to cover the country. Today Oman Post operates 83 post offices, with 65,000 private post boxes that are spread across the Sultanate. Now, with the advent of ePost the next great period of development in Oman Post begins as it offers the nation a service that is on par with the best in the world.

Oman ePost is a verified Hybrid Post Box system from Oman Post. It is available to businesses registered in Oman and also for National and Expatriate Oman residents. Receive digital mail and printed mail, both addressed to the same ePost Box address.

The ePost Address is free to register for Individuals and they can receive digital mail especially from organisations switching to digital documents like bills and statements. For an optional annual fee, the ID can be converted into a Hybrid Post Box capable of receiving both digital and printed mail. For Business, the ePost Address comes bundled with the annual Virtual Post Box subscription.

With a Virtual Post Box subscription the recipient can track and trace Printed Mail as well as activate SMS reports on incoming mail to avoid unnecessary trips to the Post Office. When regular mail arrives, you can arrange to collect yourself, authorise another person or simply redirect the mail to a convenient address.

What is ePost?

  • An online portal to efficiently manage mail.
  • Allows for highly secure Person to Person [P2P], Business to Person [B2P] and Business to Business [B2B] digital communication.
  • Offers bulk mailers like banks and utility companies the option to switch to digital bank statements, utility bills etc.

Is it compulsory to get an ePost Address?
    It is not compulsory but is highly recommended that you go ahead and get an ePost ID as:
  • Future government to citizen communications could move from printed to digital mail, delivered via Oman ePost. If you do not have an ePost Address you will not receive these.
  • Early joiners will have the option of obtaining ePost Address numbers which are meaningful to them.
    Eg:- birth dates or other personal combinations.

Why should I purchase a paid Premium or random number?

  • For businesses, the ePost Address printed on the business cards and letter heads becomes a part of their corporate identity.
  • For individuals, it reflects individuality and uniqueness.

What is Virtual Post?

There are currently not enough post boxes available for everyone living in Oman, therefore, boxes tend to be shared by multiple users. The most common scenario here is where employees share their employer’s mail address to receive mail. Even after mail is picked up from the post office, it can change hands many times before reaching the recipient. This often leads to mail getting lost or even destroyed. Virtual Post offers you your own personal ‘Virtual’ PO Box via your postal ID irrespective of the availability of traditional post boxes. Unlike physical post box IDs, an ePost Address will never expire. It offers you the freedom to choose and change the post office from where you collect your mail at your convenience. Additionally, automated alerts informing you of incoming mail will save you unnecessary trips to the post office.

What is Mail Forward Post ?

With your own unique ePost Address you can still receive mail through a shared mail box(Eg employer’s mail box)if you wish, but with the added benefit of being alerted to details of incoming mail even before it is picked up from the company’s post box. The ePost portal allows for real-time management of your Mail Forward address whereby, switching from one address to another is instant and just a click away. Eg: when you change jobs, overnight your bank statements, utility bills, magazine subscriptions and letters from friends and family will all arrive at your new employer’s address by you just resetting your Mail Forward instruction on ePost.

Can I send eLetters only to other ePost users?

Yes. eLetters can only be sent to ePost users.

When someone receives an eLetter from me, how will my details be displayed to that person?

Your name will be displayed in the same format as in your Official ID (National/Resident ID/CR certificate,Ministry/Embassy)

Can the ePost account be used like any other email account(rediffmail, gmail, hotmail etc). Is composing and sending an eLetter, uploading attachments etc the same?

Composing and sending an eLetter is the same as in other emails, except that eLetters are more structured and have more security features built into them.
Your files and images are stored in an online facility called the FileRoom. You can share your files and images with other ePost users by selecting the file/image from the FileRoom. Attachments are sent as Clip-Ons, attached to an eLetter. The File/Image sent can be blocked anytime after sending so that the recipient does not view it again.

When does ePost become functional? Is it not enough that I register then ?

The ePost roll out will happen over the next one year, commencing in June 2012. Not all the post offices will be ePost enabled when the service is launched and pre registration helps Oman Post understand the initial demand, to better manage the roll out process to the advantage of early joiners.

What do I do if I already have my own Post Box?

You may visit the nearest post office and activate an ePost account. You can also get a free ePost Address. Existing Post Box owners will be informed via their post boxes as to when activation kits become available.

I already have an eOman account? Will ePost be accessible through this account? If so, how?

Yes, ePost will be accessible through your eOman account. There will be a link on eOman which connects you to ePost. However, if you are not able to log into your eOman account for some reason, you will not be able to connect to ePost.

What happens if I forget my ePost Address?

In the support section at enter your National/Resident ID details and your ePost Address will be emailed to you.

How many days will it take for my real mails to be redirected to a new address? What happens to existing mails uncollected by me? Will they be redirected too?

If you have subscribed to the Mail Forward post facility, your mails will be redirected to the new address the minute you enter an online instruction to do so.
in Virtual mode, letters already sent to the post office of your choice should be picked up from that post office even after you opt for a different post office for future collections.

Will ePost be launched all over Oman at the same time?

Yes, ePost will be launched all over Oman at the same time. Registration for ePost IDs will be available to all Oman residents but they can only be ‘activated’at select ePost enabled Post offices.

What happens if I leave Oman? Can I instruct the post office through my ePost account to redirect my mails to an overseas address?

Yes, you can instruct the post office to forward your mails to an international address by subscribing to the International Mail Forward facility.

Will I be able to do the registration process from any other location as I may not have access to the internet at home?

Registration can be done from any location. There will also be ePost authorized internet cafes from where you can do the registration.

A few days after completing the registration process I realize that I would like to change my ePost Address. Would this be possible?

On registration, unless you purchased a premium number, you will be issued with a random ePost Address. Any further change of your existing ID will have to be on purchase of a Premium ID. A person can have as many premium ePost Addresses as they choose but they will be assigned only one login and one inbox.

We are a family of 4 members. Does it mean that each one of us will have different ePost Addresses?

All adult members of the family will qualify for their own ePost Addresses. ePost will soon feature a Junior Box option(sub account) for those without a National/Resident ID. These ePost Addresses will be managed under the supervision of an adult with a valid ePost Address. On acquiring their own National/Resident IDs, these individuals can convert their sub account into an independent ePost Address.

If I have to leave the country, for good will my ePost Address get cancelled immediately? What is the process involved?

Your ePost Address is for life. There is no need to cancel it. If you have subscribed to the Mail Forward and International Mail Forward add on, mail will be redirected to your new address as per your instructions. This is especially useful if you have annual subscriptions to magazines or business letters and would like to continue receiving them. Continued mail alerts will help you decide whether you want a particular mail forwarded to you or returned to sender.

Is the ePost Address transferable to another individual? I am leaving Muscat and my son will be arriving shortly on a work permit. I have purchased a premium number which I would now like my son to own.

Premium numbers can be transferred for a nominal admin fee.

What is a FileRoom?

The FileRoom is an online file manager where you can store your documents and images.The documents/images you choose for sharing with other ePost users will be sent as Clip-Ons, attached to an eLetter. You can block the documents/images any time after sending so that the recipient does not view it again.

How do I locate other ePost users?

You can search for other ePost users from the portal.. However, individual ePost users may opt out of this directory and therefore would not feature in a search result

What if I have not subscribed to Mail Forward post and I leave the country?

Mail received by ePost account holders without a subscription to Mail Forward, will be returned to sender.

For what duration of time will eLetters remain in the inbox?

The eLetters will remain in the inbox for an unlimited period of time.

How is eLetter different from email?

  • An Oman ePost account is issued only to verified Oman residents. It is a highly secured account as the personal details of all users are verified by the government. As such there is no SPAM.
  • Tracking of eletters is possible. The sender is informed about the delivery status of his eletter. He will receive a report on who has opened the eletter and also the time and date of delivery.
  • The user can password protect highly confidential eletters and the recipient can access the eletter only with the same password.
  • Personal eletters can be encrypted by default and the recipients can set their own decrypt code to access such eletters.
  • Users can also recall unopened eletters which have been sent.
  • In case a user has sent an eletter containing highly confidential information which could be left unmonitored by the recipient, he can set an instruction to delete the eletter once it is opened, and within a specified time period. The recipient will be informed about the time he has to view the contents before the eletter is deleted.
  • ePost account users need not receive unsolicited eletters. They can decide who they want to communicate with.
  • The forwarding feature can be disabled in eLetters by the sender of the original. If it is not disabled, the forwarded eletter cannot be edited before forwarding to maintain privacy and integrity.


Oman Post Co. L.L.C,
PO Box 5555 - 112,
The Sultanate of Oman

Tel. +(968)

ePost benefits
Why register now?
Prepare for registration

Convenient, secure and personal, your ePost box offers several benefits

* Verified user community, with advanced PKI verification option.

* Receive daily SMS alerts for Printed mail received at the post office.

* Flexible mail pickup. Designate Post Office for mail pickup or Post Box for forwarding.

* Track and trace regular printed mail that you send

* Receive digital bills and statements from Utility suppliers, telecommunications providers and banks (in the pipeline)

These are just a few of the benefits and more are under development including the option of online sending of printed postcards, greeting cards, etc.

And the best part is, your ePost Address is yours for life!

provide the ideal platform for businesses to reduce use of paper as part of daily business communications. As an easily integrated online service, ePost is the ideal cost effective and practical opportunity for major bulk mailers to contribute to the green cause. In today’s fast paced competitive world, social causes also need to make sound business sense and the transition to ePost will have immediate and lasting cost reductions as well as pronounced impact on business processes, leading to increased efficiency. As well as the reduction in paper mail leading to a dramatic reduction in kilometres driven for mail pickup and therefore CO2 emissions. Going Green has never been so easy !
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Oman Post strives to provide an uninterrupted online service through the ePost portal. In the unlikely event of any difficulty in accessing ePost, please select the ePost user type and use the form to submit the nature of issue faced along with your contact details. Please note that all fields in the form are mandatory.

We regret any inconvenience caused. Oman post will contact you at the earliest.

The Oman ePost technical support team offers the following services:

Telephonic contact :

Time : from Sunday to Thursday

Contact Number- +(968)

Careers @ Oman Post
Submit Your Resume

Omani nationals represent the majority of the workforce in Oman Post, occupying various levels of seniority including top management. A pioneer in the field of digital post, Oman Post, through its ePost portal is poised to expanding postal services beyond the ordinary, using virtual mail boxes. This expanded service is generating a sea of opportunities for talented, energetic, committed and motivated Omani nationals to be a part of this path breaking venture.

Interested candidates may click on the link ‘Submit Your Resume’ and ePost will get back to you when required.


Details coming soon.

Details coming soon.

Details coming soon.

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