e-Post Terms and Conditions

1- Oman Post shall comply with all the duties stipulated in the Law, – Regulation, terms of the license issued to the service provider and other decisions issued by the Authority. In addition, it shall provide licensed services to beneficiaries in accordance with the prescribed tariff and the quality requirements specified by the Authority.

2- The corporate boxes shall be used only for commercial activities and shall be addressed to the company’s name. The authorized representative who shall be allowed to receive the item on behalf of the company, should provide his/her ID card along with an authorization letter signed by the company identifying that he/she shall be authorized to only receive items that is addressed to the company.

3- The individual boxes shall be used by the prescriber them self and by their siblings (under 18 years of age), which shall only apply if all members are registered in the application form prior to delivery.

4- If any third party uses a box that is not prescribed to them, they shall be subject to a fine, in accordance to decision no: (65/2017) issued by the TRA.

5- The sender may request for a change-of-address of the postal article at any time prior to delivery to the addressee, and the addressee may request a change-of-address of the postal article at any time prior to receiving it. In both cases the change request is free of charge, unless there is a consequent increase in the value of the tariff of the postal service which shall be disclosed in the receipt.

6- The liability of Oman Post for the postal articles commences on the date of receiving the article to the post office or placing the same in the mailbox. The liability ends upon delivery to the addressee, or upon disposal of the articles in a legal manner. Oman Post shall not allow the prescriber to receive their mail without an ID.

7- Oman Post shall be responsible for civil liability that arises as a result of any loss or damage to the postal articles, or disruption or delay of delivery of the same to the addressee. Oman Post shall not be held responsible if the above is due to the fault of the sender or his negligence or the nature of the sent article.

8- If the E-Post prescriber would like to file for a complaint, he/she should do so by filling the complaint form.

9- In the case the addressee requests a change-of-address prior to delivery, then they shall be responsible to pick up all items addressed the previous location or request for the postal article to be forwarded to the new location.